This is a 100% working CW Cheat codes for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (US) for Sony PSP. Just open the cheat.db file in wordpad or notepad then add the codes below:

All codes are on CWCheat format
_S ULUS-10266
_G Monster Hunter 2

Battle support, this code will give you max & inf HP & Stamina:
_C0 Battle Support
_L 0x007E8D62 0x00000096
_L 0x007E8E9E 0x00000096
_L 0x107E8FD6 0x000001C2
_L 0x107E9092 0x000001C2

This code will give you max sharpness without anoying message, unlimited bomb & trap placement, rage mode on long sword, noreload for gun, instant mega blast for gun lance:
_C0 Weapon Support
_L 0x107E9072 0x00007FFF
_L 0x107E9AF2 0x00007FFF
_L 0x210C3744 0x00000000
_L 0x107E9B38 0x00007FFF
_L 0x107E9076 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x007E90DB 0x000000FF
_L 0x107E90D2 0x00000000

When drawing weapon, press select for special attack. Hammer, TwinSword, LongSword = Rage attack. GunLance = MegaBlast. Bow, Gun = Rapid Fire:
_C0 Special Attack
_L 0xE015AC8C 0x007E8F2C
_L 0xE0140001 0x001DD108
_L 0xE0010002 0x007E8C68
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000501
_L 0xE0010006 0x007E8C68
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000601
_L 0xE0010007 0x007E8C68
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000F01
_L 0xE0010009 0x007E8C68
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000301
_L 0xE0030001 0x007E8C68
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000001
_L 0xD07E8C54 0x00000200
_L 0x107E8C54 0x00000000
_L 0xE0030005 0x007E8C68
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000001
_L 0xD07E8C54 0x00000200
_L 0x107E8C54 0x00000000
_L 0xE003000A 0x007E8C68
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000001
_L 0xD07E8C54 0x00000200
_L 0x107E8C54 0x00000000

When walking (on field), tap L button for hyper run:
_C0 Hyper Run
_L 0xE0020100 0x007E8D18
_L 0xE0010100 0x001DD108
_L 0x107E8B16 0x000041A0

Increase your status
_C0 Status Up
_L 0x107E8E0A 0x00007F7F
_L 0x007E8E54 0x0000007F
_L 0x007E8E58 0x0000007F
_L 0x107E9086 0x00007FFF
_L 0x107E9088 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x107E908A 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x107E908C 0x0000FFFF
_L 0x110C6F4E 0x00007ED3
_L 0x110C6F50 0x00007F7F
_L 0x010C6F52 0x0000007F
_L 0x010C6F53 0x0000007F
_L 0x210C6F54 0x7F7F7F7F

Defense against status attacks (poison, sleep, electric, etc):
_C0 Status Defense
_L 0x107E8E08 0x00000000
_L 0x107E9B0E 0x00000000
_L 0x107E9B12 0x00000000
_L 0x207E9B3C 0x00000000
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00001002
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000000
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00001302
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000000
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00001502
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000000
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00001602
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000000
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00001902
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000000
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00001D02
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000000

Keep standing when you are attacked:
_C0 Stand Still
_L 0x507E8D18 0x00000001
_L 0x007E8D1C 0x00000000
_L 0xD07E8D1C 0x00000002
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000200

Display boss location:
_C0 Boss Spot
_L 0x107E908E 0x0000FFFF

Multiply item in your pocket:
_C0 Carry Item Multiplier
_L 0x810D7814 0x00180002
_L 0x10000063 0x00000000

Press L+R+Select to quest instant clear:
_C0 Quest Clear
_L 0xE0030301 0x001DD108
_L 0x010D907C 0x00000031
_L 0x010D9084 0x00000031
_L 0x110D9064 0x00000000

Press Select+Triangle to go back. Press Select+Cross to Sleep. Use on field only! Use on village may crash the game:
_C0 Camp & Sleep
_L 0xE0011300 0x001DD108
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00007200
_L 0xE0014300 0x001DD108
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00003300

Bare hand custom attack for twin swords: Kick & Roll Attack, Circle = Punch, Triangle+Circle = Tackle, R+Circle = Rage attack, R+Triangle+Circle = Spin Attack:
_C0 Custom Attack (TwinSwords)
_L 0xE0110006 0x007E8C68
_L 0xE0020100 0x007E8C54
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00006301
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000601
_L 0xE0020200 0x007E8C54
_L 0xD07E8D18 0x00001C00
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000601
_L 0xE00AB204 0x007E8F2C
_L 0xE0092B00 0x107E8D18
_L 0xE0080000 0x007E8C54
_L 0xE0012000 0x001DD108
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000001
_L 0xE0013000 0x001DD108
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000201
_L 0xE0012200 0x001DD108
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000601
_L 0xE0013200 0x001DD108
_L 0x107E8D18 0x00000501

Max Money and Points:
_C0 GP & Money & PP
_L 0x210C38BC 0x3B9AC9FF
_L 0x210C38C0 0x3B9AC9FF
_L 0x210D6F98 0x3B9AC9FF

Open all Farm Features:
_C0 PokkeFarm
_L 0x811BB6F0 0x0014000C
_L 0x00000003 0x00000000

Max Hunter Rank. Also unlock and cleared all default quests:
_C0 HR & Quest Clear
_L 0x410C6B64 0x00080001
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000
_L 0x410D7738 0x00040001
_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000
_L 0x010C6BDC 0x00000005

Modify guild card stats:
_C0 Guilt Card
_L 0x810D6A78 0x00050001
_L 0x100003E7 0x00000000
_L 0x210D6A84 0x000F423F
_L 0x210D6AF0 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x410D6AF4 0x00060001
_L 0x0098967F 0x00000000
_L 0x210D6B0C 0x00FFFFFF
_L 0x410D6BF8 0x000A0001
_L 0x00008000 0x00000000
_L 0x410D6DC4 0x000A0001
_L 0xC34F8000 0x00000000

Open drawer in your room to change pig's clothes. I don't find famitsu clothes in US version, I guess it was removed:
_C0 Pig Clothes
_L 0x110D7764 0x0000FFFF

Number of killed monster:
_C0 Killed Monster
_L 0x810C6D88 0x004D0001
_L 0x1000270F 0x00000000

Unlock all movies:
_C0 Movie
_L 0x210D7754 0xFFFFFFFF
_L 0x210D7758 0xFFFFFFFF

Tap: Select+Circle = Bigger Character. Select+Square = Smaller Character. Select+Triangle=ZoomIn. Select+ Cross = ZoomOut. Extreme big/small/zoom can freeze the game:
_C0 Character & Camera Adjustment
_L 0xE0032001 0x001DD108
_L 0x30300040 0x007E8CA2
_L 0x30300040 0x007E8CA6
_L 0x30300040 0x007E8CAA
_L 0xE0038001 0x001DD108
_L 0x30400040 0x007E8CA2
_L 0x30400040 0x007E8CA6
_L 0x30400040 0x007E8CAA
_L 0xE0021001 0x001DD108
_L 0x30300010 0x010C3102
_L 0x30300010 0x010C3116
_L 0xE0024001 0x001DD108
_L 0x30400010 0x010C3102
_L 0x30400010 0x010C3116


I separate this section because need a bit explanation.


In MH2 you can only hold 600 weapons/armors and 600 items, however there are thousands variation of item, so you can't have all of them at once. For that reason I invented inventory selection method.

Here's how it works:
- By activating this code, you automatically get 6 inventory boxes.

WEAPON/ARMOR- Box 1-3 works as your permanent inventory, box 4-6 works as selection area.
- By pressing specific button, various weapon/armor will appears on box 4-6, but don't use straight from there.
- Use Arrange Items menu!!! Choose your desired weapon/armor, and move it to permanent box (box 1-3)
- Now you can use the weapon/armor from box 1-3.

- For item, permanent inventory is box 1, selection area is box 2-6. You can take item directly from selection area (no need move to permanent inventory)

L+Up = Legging
L+Right = Helmet
L+Down = Vest
L+Left = Gloves
R+Up = Coat
R+Right = Weapon 1
R+Down = Weapon 2
R+Left = Gun&Bow
L+R+Left = Clear Weapon/Armor Selection Area

L+R+Up = Item 1
L+R+Right = Item 2
L+R+Down = Clear Item Selection Area

- Some item has been removed on US version, and replaced with 'dummy', I guess because of copyright reason.

_C0 Inventory Armor 1
_L 0x010D72D0 0x3FFFFFF0
_L 0xE0060110 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4714 0x012C0003
_L 0x00010001 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4718 0x012C0003
_L 0x03350062 0x00000000
_L 0x410C471C 0x012C0003
_L 0x03350335 0x00000000
_L 0xE0060120 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4660 0x013B0003
_L 0x00010101 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4664 0x013B0003
_L 0x033D0062 0x00000000
_L 0x410C4668 0x013B0003
_L 0x033D033D 0x00000000
_L 0xE0060140 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4714 0x012B0003
_L 0x00010201 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4718 0x012B0003
_L 0x03330062 0x00000000
_L 0x410C471C 0x012B0003
_L 0x03330333 0x00000000

_C0 Inventory Armor 2
_L 0xE0060180 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4714 0x01250003
_L 0x00010301 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4718 0x012B0003
_L 0x033A0062 0x00000000
_L 0x410C471C 0x012B0003
_L 0x033A033A 0x00000000
_L 0xE0060210 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4714 0x01230003
_L 0x00010401 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4718 0x012B0003
_L 0x03310062 0x00000000
_L 0x410C471C 0x012B0003
_L 0x03310331 0x00000000

_C0 Inventory Weapon
_L 0xE0060220 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4714 0x012C0003
_L 0x00010501 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4718 0x012C0003
_L 0x03360000 0x00000000
_L 0x410C471C 0x012C0003
_L 0x03380337 0x00000000
_L 0xE0060240 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4714 0x01240003
_L 0x012D0501 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4718 0x01240003
_L 0x03360000 0x00000000
_L 0x410C471C 0x01240003
_L 0x03380337 0x00000000
_L 0xE0060280 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4714 0x00A70003
_L 0x00010601 0x00010000
_L 0x410C4718 0x00A70003
_L 0x033B0074 0x00000000
_L 0x410C471C 0x00A70003
_L 0x0340033C 0x00000000
_L 0xE0020380 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C4660 0x03B10001
_L 0x00000000 0x00000000

_C0 Inventory Item
_L 0xE0020310 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C6014 0x01F40001
_L 0x270F0001 0x00000001
_L 0xE0020320 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C6014 0x01CB0001
_L 0x270F01F5 0x00000001
_L 0xE0020340 0x001DD108
_L 0x410C6014 0x01F40001
_L 0x00000000 0x00000000

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